IU Is The Newest Korean Maxim Model

Maxim has chosen IU as their latest brand model, and netizens believe it’s the perfect choice!

She’s now become the face of Maxim’s new line of coffees, the Mocha Gold Simple Latte.

And Maxim is known to only choose the top of the top celebrities such as Kim Yuna to endorse its brands.

And IU proved that she’s top of the top by heading their latest line!

“Coffee is so fascinating.

The more you know about it, the more you look for simplicity.”

— IU

Netizens believe IU fits so perfectly with Maxim’s Simple Latte because of its clean and light taste that resembles IU’s own image!

The Simple Latte is a sugarless blend of Maxim’s famous instant coffee mixture.

Netizens also find the connection funny because IU recently went viral when she adorably struggled with an espresso machine during Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast.

So it made perfect sense that IU would forgo a complicated espresso machine for a simpler instant mix!

Watch IU’s new Maxim commercial below!