IU, Joy, And Lee Sung Kyung All Wore The Same Gucci Suit—Who Wore It Best?

Who’s your favorite?

IU, Red Velvet‘s Joy, and Lee Sung Kyung are all huge celebrities known for their talent and visuals. While their looks are undoubtedly gorgeous, they are all vastly different as well.

IU is more of the girl-next-door type. While she’s shorter than the other girls on this list, she knows how to dress well to fit her body shape perfectly.

Next, Red Velvet’s Joy is known for her curvy physique that makes tight clothing look especially good on her. Her “S-Line” shape is popular among fans and non-fans alike.

Finally, Lee Sung Kyung is not just an actress, she’s a model as well. Any type of clothing that she wears looks like it came straight off the runway.

As such, fans of the three were delighted to see them wearing the exact same outfit! Wearing a royal blue Gucci suit with wide pants, they each gave off a different aura.

IU wore the outfit for a fall pictorial with DAZED Korea. She looked much taller than usual with the almost floor-length of the suit. While she is usually known for being cute and fresh, IU gave off an intimidating and charismatic aura this time around.

Meanwhile, Joy dressed in the suit for an Instagram update last 2019. She looked stylish and trendy with her pose, hair, and makeup. Joy proved that all types of clothing looks good on her physique.

Lastly,  Lee Sung Kyung wore the suit in Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Show. Instead of looking like a guest, she wore the suit like she was a model! Her tall height and symmetrical features made her look sophisticated in the outfit.

Who do you think wore it best?

Same Fit, Different Vibes