IU launches Her Personal YouTube Channel For Fans

IU has found a way to become closer and share more with her fans through her brand new YouTube channel.

IU recently made her YouTube channel (이지금 IU) and uploaded her first ever video this past weekend. The video is called  [IU TV] ’24 STEPS’ in HongKong and focuses on her first solo live concert called 24 Steps In Hong Kong.

The video is a vlog-style walk through of her time in Hong Kong.

She showed her cool stage outfits!

Also, she shared her rehearsal for the show.

And took fans airport shopping!

One of the best moments in the video is when IU talked about club culture in Hong Kong. She explains that although she tried to take footage of the club, it was too dark and none of it turned out. Maybe next time!

Watch IU’s first video for her new channel below: