IU Let Several Lucky Fans Get A First Listen To “Eight” To See Their Reactions

Who’s ready for this collab?

Singer IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment posted a video to their YouTube channel showing fans’ reactions to IU’s new track “Eight.” The company posted a disclaimer confirming that the video was filmed in compliance with social distancing measures and held temperature checks, use of hand sanitizer, and a completion of a self-diagnosis survey.

Several third generation UAENA’s were given the opportunity to listen to her song “Eight” which was produced and also featured BTS’s Suga.

Fans were still in shock that they would be able to preview her new track before anyone else.

As soon as they played the music, fans began to sway along to the beat in surprise. One fan even commented on the rap part, indicating that Suga’s portion of the song was going to be something ARMY’s should be excited for.

After the song was over, fans clapped in satisfaction as they couldn’t wait for the song to be released to the public. Some felt that the song was very different from IU’s usual songs while others were very surprised about the track itself.

IU’s nervousness could be seen in the video as she couldn’t tell if the fans liked the song or not.

IU also asked fans to give some hints to those fans that have not heard the song yet.

IU got goosebumps after hearing this fans’ interpretation of the song.

Others felt that the song had a dreamier sound than they thought and almost sounded positive and bright. IU took this interpretation by surprise as it wasn’t actually a bright song.

Another fan felt that the more you listen to it the more you realize how sad the song is.

Fans recommended this song as a good song to listen in the car as you feel the wind on your face.

Some fans even showed tears as they talked about the track, making people even more excited and curious about the song.

Are you excited for this new track? Prepare yourselves as the song will drop on May 6 at 6 PM KST!

Watch the full reaction video below!