IU Would Like To Be Remembered By Her Very Own Favorite And Original Song

“Way later in life, after I die of old age…”

During a past concert, IU revealed that she feels particular about one of her own songs, “Heart”. This song, initially revealed as a soundtrack for the hit K-Drama The Producers featuring IU and actor Kim Soo Hyun, was composed and arranged by IU with original lyrics by IU as well.


Right after performing the song on stage, IU commented, “I would like to be remembered by this song.” While IU has a huge list of hit originals, she said she would like “Heart” to be that one song to represent her and her career.

When I die — I mean, way later in life, after I die of old age, after having lived out my life — I wish people would remember me by this song. I want ‘Heart’ to represent me.

— IU


In another interview, IU did explain that the song “Heart” has a special meaning for her because it came from the deepest, purest place in her heart.

When I wrote the song ‘Heart’, I dug deep and reached into the purest, the most uncontaminated corner of my heart. From there, I filtered and re-filtered what I could find before turning it into a song. So it makes me feel good when I listen to it.

— IU


In fact, IU loves this song so much that she will almost always include it in the set list for all of her concerts. When performing this song, she will ask the fans to sing along. And when that happens, IU is known to remove her headsets and really take the time to listen to the fans’ voices!

I think it is one of my happiest moments at my concerts when I sing ‘Heart’ and get to listen to the fans sing along.

— IU


Without a doubt, “Heart” is a beautifully written song and definitely likely to remain a timeless classic for generations after generations to come.

Listen to the song live here:

Source: YouTube and Nate Pann