IU Made Red Velvet’s Yeri Cry During The 2017 Melon Music Awards

The nation’s singer-songwriter extraordinaire made Red Velvet’s Yeri cry in the middle of celebrating this year’s achievements in K-Pop.

Yeri was just casually singing along to IU’s performance of “Dear Name” at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

But then, fans caught Yeri wiping away her tears mid-performance.

Yeri was brought to tears when IU began singing with a group of “nameless” singers and musicians who haven’t been able to see their spotlight to fame.

The performance included talented chorus members who sing backup for popular musicians, street performers, trainees, and anyone who haven’t been able to make a name in the competitive music industry yet.

Through IU’s performance, they were given a chance to state their names in front of a global audience and stop being “nameless” even for a moment.

The deep meaning moved Yeri to tears as the rest of the audience all clapped for the nameless performers as well.

As usual, IU has a way of making us feel lovingly sentimental

Check out Yeri’s full reaction below.

As well as IU’s full “Dear Name” performance!