IU Made Sure Her Cameraman Knew How Hungry She Was In Her Tour Vlog

“I said I’m hungry!”

IU uploaded a vlog of her “dlwlrma.” concert in Bangkok, which showed the behind-the-scenes preparations of the concert. In one of the clips, IU started talking about how hungry she is.

She starts wondering what she should do now that she’s hungry.

The cameraman decided to give out a suggestion to the hungry IU. He says,

You can eat the love from your fans!

While most idols would play with those words and give out fan-service to make their supporters happy, IU was not having it. The 11-year-active idol looked straight into the camera and said,

I said I’m hungry!

She still managed to look adorable when she said it, proving that not even hunger can make IU any less cute than she already is.

Check out the vlog here:

Source: YouTube