IU Calls Her Own Eyebrows Awkward After Getting Used to Jang Man Wol’s Makeup Style

IU’s not used to her old, sweet and natural look.

IU recently shared a selfie on her official Instagram account along with the caption, “My actual eyebrows look awkward to me now.


The shared photo shows IU looking straight into the camera with long straight hair and light makeup on her face.

What particularly stood out about the photo was how different her makeup style looked in comparison to the bold looks she pulled off as Jang Man Wol in her recent drama, Hotel Del Luna.

She must have gotten used to the intense look seeing how the natural beauty that fans are used to seeing feel awkward to her now.

Fans who saw this post responded with comments such as “IU is pretty no matter what she does“, “No way! I don’t see a difference!“, “Jang Man Wol’s makeup was pretty heavy“, and “It must feel awkward to do simple makeup after doing vibrant makeup for so long“.


Source: Dispatch


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