IU Reveals Why She Had To Play Mediator Between AKMU’s Chanhyuk and Suhyun, Proving They Exude Peak Chaotic Sibling Energy

IU is a true INFP personality type!

K-Pop group AKMU recently made their comeback with the album Next Episode, which featured collaborations with huge names. One of those names is soloist IU. The duo appeared on the latest episode of IU’s Palette, where they sang songs, talked about making the album, and reacted to Chanhyuk falling over!

AKMU’s Chanhyuk, IU, and AKMU’s Suhyun (from left to right) | @akmu_suhyun/ Instagram

Yet, it seems as if trying to stop Suhyun from laughing at her brother’s accident wasn’t the only time IU played the middle ground between the siblings. During the video, the duo explained how different they are in terms of personality. For Chanhyuk, as talented as he thinks his sister is, he sometimes thinks she has no ambition.

Even IU had to agree, saying, compared to her brother, she sometimes seems indifferent whenever she is working and that Suhyun sometimes comes across as not having as much passion as Chanhyuk.

Yet, despite these differences, both AKMU and IU believe it is this balance that makes the balance strong and is what appeals the most to their fans.

I think that difference keeps AKMU’s tension going. Once the balance gets tipped off, there won’t be the same tension that everyone likes.

— IU

While they were recording the album or just hanging out, IU recalled the number of times she would be sitting with the pair, and the siblings would be arguing in front of her, as all brothers and sisters do.

I’d just listen saying, ‘Suhyun was correct on that point,’ or ‘Chanhyuk was right on that point.’ That’s how it always goes. I never give them satisfying advice.

— IU

Even though IU didn’t think she was giving them any advice, sometimes siblings just need someone to be the middle ground between them! Despite being world-class K-Pop idols, AKMU continues to prove that, at heart, they are normal siblings who like to fight and make fun of each other!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: IU Official and FI