IU Had a Message for Non-Fans That Attended Her Fan Meeting

Some attendees were only there because they won tickets through a chocolate event.

On March 2, IU attended a fan meeting at Baekam Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul, which was held by Ghana Chocolate, which IU is a model for.

On this day, IU took some time to chat with her fans and even lit up the stage with a spectacular performance. She then went on to ask, “I bet there are some people here who are not fans but simply won a ticket from buying a lot of chocolate. Did anyone just come because they didn’t want to waste their ticket?

Most visitors of fan meetings are usually there to cheer on their favorite celebrities. But at this fan meeting, there were quite a few people who were only there because they ended up winning a ticket after buying a lot of chocolates.

In response to such audience members, IU said, “Then I’ll just have to make you into an IU fan by the end of this meeting.

And then toward the end of the meeting with just once more performance left, IU addressed the non-fans once again. She asked, “I’d really like to know if you’ve become my fan now. Did I sway you at all?

When an audience member responded with, “You’re cool!” IU jokingly said, “I guess you’re not a fan yet. Oh no. How do I change your mind?” and continued to charm her audience with her final song, “Through the Night”.

Source: Insight