IU’s Mommy And Daddy Book Written By Her Parents Will Be The Most Touching Thing You Read All Week

The pages from these books have been melting the hearts of fans!

IU has recently revealed the “mommy book” and “daddy book” written by her parents.

On May 29, IU shared images of both books on her Instagram.

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The book, which is also referred to as a “family healing book”, and is written by parents themselves and records precious memories about their childhood, dreams, music, youth, love, etc.

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She first revealed a few pages from the “mommy book”.

Translation: “Going on too many dates with (your) dad while working”

Translation: “All of my life”

Translation: “First: Positive personality
Second: Thoughtfulness
Third: Having a lot of things he wants (I think his level of happiness is high)”


This was followed by more pages from the “daddy book”.

Translation: “Samurai.
Because my eyes were sharper than a sword so no one could come at me”

Translation: “When I first met your mother…^^”


Translation: “I’d jump into the water to save you if you fell in…(Daddy can’t swim…)”


Translation: “Good thoughts. I try to induce good sleep by imagining enjoyable things.
Ex) Imagining winning 50 billion KRW.
Aladdin’s 3 wishes…
What I should desire…
Phew, it’s a big contemplation…^^
Still haven’t come to a conclusion…”


Translation: “That person is~ ‘IU’s father~!'”

Translation: “First: Looks
Second: Personality
Third: Humanity”


Translation: “When you only care for your mother…ㅠㅠ”


Translation: “I don’t think I’d want to be congratulated…ㅠㅠ”


Fans are loving these answers by IU’s parents and hoping IU will share an “IU book” soon too!

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