IU Showed up Looking Pure as Snow Ahead of Her Netflix Film Release

That white dress REALLY compliments her figure.

A press conference for the upcoming Netflix film, Persona was recently held at Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, and it was attended by the main actress, IU, the producer, Yoon Jong Shin, as well as other cast and crew.


At this event, IU appeared in a white dress with yellow floral patterns overlaid on top which truly gave off the spring vibe.

The dress also accentuated IU’s pale skin and made her gorgeous figure stand out even more than usual.

With her hair tied up in an elegant manner, IU truly shined with her lovable charms as she expressed her thoughts on the film.

IU explained that she still felt dazed about the whole thing, but that it was refreshing to work on a film that was directed by four different directors.

IU also added that since she had to act as four different characters, this experience will truly remain in her memory. She also shared her surprise about the scale of the project by saying, “I didn’t know this would be such a big project. When I first signed on, it wasn’t even confirmed to be on Netflix yet.

IU’s first and new film, Persona will be released on April 5 on Netflix.

Source: Insight