IU’s Melancholy New Song “Love Poem” And Album Description Cause An Ocean Of Tears

I’m crying. You’re crying. We’re all crying.

On November 1, 2019, IU shared “Love Poem” from her upcoming new album. The song — currently sweeping music charts at #1 hours into release — along with the album description, is making everyone ugly cry in deep melancholy.


The album description reads, “Selflessness is actually based on the human nature to be selfish.” With such insightful words, IU reaches out to her fans in the message.

Selflessness is actually based on the human nature to be selfish. It’s hard to watch a loved one grow isolated. I’ve offered words of encouragement and comfort, thinking it was entirely for you, but I know it was rushed to stop my own pain of being unable to help in anyway. I still can’t stay away when I see those around me go through something hard. Now I know better though — my meddling has more to do with me desperately wanting to see them get back on track to their normal lives, rather than me genuinely wanting to be considerate and to console them.

— IU


Having understood how selflessness can sometimes be an act of selfishness, IU adds, she now offers the album and song as the least she can do without making it about her:

Now I simply hope for the very least from you, since I’m not in the position to wish for anything from you. Just listen to this poem. And keep breathing. No one can carry another person’s life on his/her back forever. But anyone can walk together, if it happens to be in the same direction.

— IU


She wraps up the heartfelt message by asking the listeners to really be listeners and simply appreciate one another for being a good set of ears, for when they want to share their personal poems:

And me, being me, I can continue to offer my voice for the people I love. Like the many poems I’ve received from people all over the world while making music, I too will continue to write poems to offer back to the world. And like that, by taking turns listening to each other’s poems, breathing in and breathing out, we should live on.

— IU


And the lyrics from the song “Love Poem” are also profoundly touching the listeners’ hearts. With verses like, “I’ll be there behind you when you’re walking alone” and “I’ll sing for you when you’re going through long, dark nights”, IU sends gentle support in her soft and soothing voice — for whoever needs it, whenever needed.

Take a deep breath. Let me sing for you, those who forgot how to cry out loud. So you can learn to walk again. I will sing for you… And I’ll be there, wherever you look, once your long night is over.

— IU’s “Love Poem”


Listen to the song here:

Source: THEQOO