IU Once Accepted An Award Disguised As…IU?

Did she have you fooled?

Most of us know IU as a multi-talented, legendary K-Pop idol and actress, but she’s also a great YouTube content creator!

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

In her latest YouTube video, YouTuber IU gave her subscribers a peek at her experience of accepting an award on behalf of Idol IU at the 35th Golden Disc Awards. Of course, YouTuber IU and Idol IU are the same person, but IU’s sense of humor made her award show experience much more fun and entertaining!

| IU Official/YouTube  

While getting ready for the award show, YouTuber IU said “IU is really busy these days getting her album ready and all,” so she had to receive it on her behalf.

YouTuber IU said all the attendees had to wear masks, so it would be easy to fool everyone into thinking she was IU.

As she got ready, YouTuber IU said that it must be fun to be a celebrity “getting to dress up like this and all.” 

Unfortunately, YouTuber IU was only able to experience celebrity life for a day, but she said she was looking forward to the experience.

YouTuber IU revealed that she had diligently recorded all of Idol IU’s pre-recorded performances before the award show, so nobody would be able to tell she was filling in for the K-Pop idol. She said she’d never sung like that in her life, but it “worked like a charm.”  She even fooled the band and the backup dancers into thinking she was Idol IU!

After accepting the award on Idol IU’s behalf, YouTuber IU watched the replay to see herself on stage. As she watched, she asked the staff, “You couldn’t tell though, right?”

After heading backstage with the daesang (grand prize) in the Digital Song Division, IU stopped pretending she was impersonating herself and sincerely thanked her fans for all their support.

However, she stepped back into her YouTuber IU role as soon as the staff asked her where she wanted to go next. She said they would have to “talk to IU” because she had already fulfilled her duties.

IU’s sense of humor totally transformed what could’ve been a typical award show vlog into something much more entertaining for her fans!

See the full video below.