IU Has One “Bad Habit” That Fans Wish She Would Just Quit Doing

Fans love IU so much, so they want her to stop doing this “bad” habit.

When it comes down to it, IU is surprisingly a creature of habit, too, just like the rest of us.

Some of her habits are downright adorable — it’s IU, after all.

One example is whenever she is called to the stage for her award, she puts her hands out like a little toddler before receiving the award.

Another example of her endearing habit is whenever IU drinks water.

Instead of drinking water quickly and then resuming to what she’s doing, IU prefers to savor the taste of the water, resulting to her squishy cheeks that are way too adorable for the fans to take.

Aside from these cute habits, though, did you know that IU has one “bad” habit that some of her fans wish she would stop doing?

No, it’s not when she intentionally widens her eyes to be more intimidating.

It has something to do with her head.

You see, since IU is such a workaholic who takes pride in her work, every time she forgets something, she hits her head in an effort to remember it.

This has been IU’s habit ever since…

…and it’s still a habit that continues until this day.

And while IU looks extremely cute while she does this, fans wish for her to stop being so hard on herself because they love her just the way she is.