IU Proved Her Athleticism In The Cutest Way Possible

IU proved herself in the cutest way.

IU is known for many things – her unique, beautiful voice, her strikingly pretty looks and some slick dance moves – but she isn’t really the most athletic type.


She’s been filmed participating in sports competitions only a handful of times since her debut in 2009, including an episode of Running Man where she realized she couldn’t swim as she fell into the water and was scared she would drown.


The first time she ran onstage was during her first showcase, and she got the reputation for not being so good at it.


When she did run in competitions, she never won and looked like she was struggling.


But it seems like her confidence and speed has improved thanks to her role in My Ajusshi. She told fans she had gotten better at running at her 26th birthday fan meeting event, they didn’t believe her so she proved them wrong!


She took her shoes off and ran barefoot across the stage.


And proved to fans not only was she certainly fast, but definitely cute!


Check out her speed below: