IU Received A Marriage Proposal From A Female Fan, Here Was Her Response

IU’s charisma works on men and women — here’s her reaction on a female fan’s marriage proposal.

It’s a well-known fact that IU has millions of male fans…

…but did you know that she has a lot of female fans who are willing to marry her, too?

It’s no wonder, considering IU’s fantastic visuals, sincerely kind heart and genuine love and appreciation for her fans.

During one of IU’s concerts in Japan, IU received a marriage proposal from a fan — it was a simple “Marry me”.

IU was a bit taken aback as she confirmed with the fan if she really did hear a marriage proposal, and when she did…

…she was a bit shocked because of the person who proposed to her was a female fan.

Again, she asked her fans if they wanted to marry her, and they all replied with a loud “yes~”. The female fan who proposed to her also confirmed yes.

Without missing a beat, IU said that she will think about it.

Now, if you thought this was the end of the story, you’re wrong: because during one of her interview sessions, when she talked a little bit about her Japanese teacher…

…IU’s female fan shouted again and said that she wants to be IU’s teacher, too.

In response, IU told the fan that she can’t be her teacher because she’s going to be the one to marry her.

Needless to say, all of her fans, regardless of their gender identity, felt their hearts flutter with IU’s sweet words.