IU & Red Velvet’s Irene Wore The Same Crop Top But Exuded Different Vibes

Both stars looked more than gorgeous!

In the world of K-Pop fashion, the chosen pieces of clothing from idols often become a hot topic of discussion among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. That’s why it was a surprise to no one that when two beloved queens of the industry, IU and Red Velvet‘s Irene, were spotted wearing the same top, it sent fans into a frenzy looking for the stunning crop top.

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However, what truly captivated everyone was how these two talented artists managed to exude completely different vibes despite donning identical pieces. From IU’s ethereal and sophisticated aura to Irene’s fresh and casual charm, the contrast in their styling choices showcased their unique individuality and fashion prowess.

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The crop top in question is part of VPPLEMENT‘s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, “Be Modern.” While it’s offered in two colors, both IU and Irene chose the beige version with green stripes. The sweater has long sleeves that go right up to your fingertips and an off-the-shoulder look that fans love to see female idols rock. The emphasis isn’t only on the shoulder line, however, as the tight fit along the waist also shows the incredible proportions both these queens possess.

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IU was spotted wearing the sweater first, rocking it during a special episode of her YouTube show, IU’s Palette. The episode was centered around Dream, one of the most recent movies IU starred in next to Park Seo Joon. The actor was invited to IU’s show alongside Jung Seung Gil and Heo Jun Seok, both of whom are also protagonists in Dream.

The singer chose to pair the gorgeous sweater with a pair of slim long-waisted white jeans, the tight fit of which only emphasized IU’s amazing proportions further. The classic white heels the Korean star had chosen as her preferred shoes added more of a sophisticated aura to the overall look, despite the sweater itself being casual.

| IU Official/YouTube

While hosting her show, IU also pointed out that she asked her co-stars, now turned guests, to match their outfits together and all go for the color green!

| IU Official/YouTube

Differently from IU, Irene chose to sport the sweater during one of her many airport visits these past few days. The Red Velvet leader is currently in the middle of a world tour with her bandmates, which requires them to go to the airport every other day. This became the perfect chance for fans, and non-fans alike, to get a glimpse into Irene’s wardrobe.

| @ReneJingle/Twitter

The K-Pop star was spotted wearing the off-the-shoulder crop top at Gimpo Airport on her way to Japan last week, and the pictures taken by fans and press alike are nothing short of magical.

Opting for a more casual and comfortable look than IU’s show-hosting alternative, Irene chose to pair the infamous crop top with a pair of straight-cut light blue jeans. Not only did the jeans look perfect for travel, but they also added a fresh vibe to the outfit that perfectly encapsulated Irene’s aura that day. The simple, almost non-existing, makeup and hairdo, coupled with the casual and fresh look, made Irene look like Spring manifested as a human being.

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