Both IU and Red Velvet’s Yeri Managed to Pull off This Tricky Pink Dress

Let’s get real here. Not everyone can pull off this dress.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri recently uploaded multiple photos on Red Velvet’s official Instagram page along with the caption, “I have matching bags with my mom, hehehe. Thank you, Coach. Have a nice spring day, everyone!

In the photo, Yeri can be seen wearing a pink floral dress, which also happens to the dress that IU wore during one of her fan meetings.


This pink Coach dress has a color scheme and pattern that could be difficult to pull off for many, but both Yeri and IU managed to pull it off effortlessly.

While Yeri looked more sweet and innocent in the outfit, IU managed to make it look a little more fierce with her makeup and facial expression.

It must be true that it’s the face that completes an outfit because both stars somehow put on this colorful dress and made it their own with their distinct charms.

Check out some more photos of the two beautiful stars below:

Source: Dispatch