IU Reflects On All The Hard Work And Accomplishments During Her Twenties

“To be honest, my feelings are that my twenties are…”

In her latest interview with W Korea, IU discussed her new album “LILAC” and opened up on her feelings towards leaving her twenties and entering her thirties!

In her interview, IU revealed that the concept of her upcoming album is “Is my goodbye to my twenties” and that the title, “LILAC,” represents the memories of her youth. IU’s previous albums also centered around her age at the time and depict who she was in those moments.

Q: It’s good to track your progress when listening to your ‘Age Series (songs).’ So how are you now at the age of 29?

To be honest, my feelings are that my twenties are still now over yet? I can’t believe I still have a year left!’ As I look back at my twenties, sometimes I feel as if I want to spend the last moments taking it easy, and sometimes I also feel like ‘I have to spend it living more passionately than ever.’

— IU

IU went further into detail about her twenties ending and also reflected back to her debut age.

Q: “My twenties still aren’t over yet?”— Could you further explain your feelings about that?

I debuted at 16 years old. When I talk to people who also entered society at very a young age, I find we have similar opnions about it. I guess in a way our twenties feel especially long? Even though we were young, we had already become members of society so we didn’t have the chance to freely act our age, and our starting points had been forced earlier by several years.

— IU

IU continued and shared that, no matter her age or level of experience, she merely wants to reach a point of “Respectable reception.”

There are many times when people see how young I am more than how much experience that I have. So as every year passes, I don’t think, ‘Ah, it’s a shame that time is passing by,’ it’s more, ‘I want to reach a respectable age.’ A respectable age where whether it be my actual age or level of career experience, I can get the respectable reception deserving of it.

— IU

For her overall twenties, IU shared that when she evaluates it, she finds that it was a period of hard work and positive results.

Q: When you look back on it, how were your twenties? Was it amazing?

I would say I worked very hard. It produced great outcomes. I’ve experienced working extremely hard at something yet not obtaining great results, so I feel that I am very lucky.

— IU

IU further explained that it’s the good characteristics that she was lucky to be born with that allows her to work as hard as she does.

Q: So IU became the IU we know today because of things like luck and good fortune? Do you think so?

Being able to work so hard is also a natural trait. It’s a characteristic that I was born with out of luck and good fortune. To sum up, I was lucky, and I also don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to be lazy (laughs).

— IU

IU’s “LILAC” is set to release on March 25, 2021 KST!

Source: W Korea