IU Rejected All Sponsorship Offers For This Humbling Reason

It was recently revealed that all of IU’s belongings and clothes in Hyori’s Homestay were her own.

According to IU’s agency, FAVE Entertainment, IU rejected all offers, including clothes, hair styling, and makeup.

“All of the clothes IU wears in Hyori’s Homestay are her own clothes.

She’s wearing the clothes she brought from her own home.”

— FAVE Entertainment insider

They added that accepting sponsorship offers often led to problems, and so they tried staying away from them.

“If we accept a sponsorship offer, there are times when there are problems.

There are a lot of things we have to pay attention to, so we try and stay away from sponsorships as much as possible.”

— FAVE Entertainment insider

In addition, IU rejected offers because she wanted to show Hyori and herself in a natural setting.

Source: Dispatch