IU Revealed How She Would Serenade Her Future Husband — And It’s Totally What You’d Expect Her To Do

The way she did it is such an IU thing to do.

Top superstar IU is no stranger to the subject of marriage.

After all, she has already asked her father about what he’ll do when she gets married in the future.

And she has even talked about her ideal man as someone who can live a long life, so that they can enjoy their marriage for a long time.

IU is also a popular choice among idols — she’s the ideal type of several celebrities such as BTS‘s JungkookJay Park and Lee Dong Wook, among others.

All of these elements make you wonder about how IU will act like towards her future husband, right?

Well, no need to wonder now, because during one of her concerts, IU has demonstrated how she’ll serenade her future spouse.

As IU finished one of her songs, she asked the crowd, “Who wants to marry me?” and naturally, most of the audience members raised their hands.

IU was surprised to find out that a lot of her fans would like to marry her…

…so she gave a “stricter” requirement: it needs to be someone who will definitely marry her.

IU laughed as she noted that fewer people raised their hands. Then, she asked them to be sure that they won’t regret marrying her.

As her fans gave their blatant approval that they truly want to marry her, IU then proceeded to put on an actual wedding veil and she went down to stage to choose someone to serenade.

You can see IU singing gracefully and seriously focusing on one of her fans — do you think it’ll be like this when she finally serenades her future spouse?

She even demonstrated how the scenario will be like when she proposes to her life partner…

…and as a final touch, she gave a beautiful bouquet of flowers to her lovely fan.

Her future spouse will definitely be pleased!

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