IU Reveals Her Feelings Towards Giving And Receiving Love

“I believe the two are very different things…”

In light of her new 5th album “LILAC,” the charming IU recently participated in a lovely pictorial and interview with W Korea. In her interview, IU discussed the topic of love!

During her interview, IU was questioned on whether she behaves differently from when she receives love and when she gives love.

Q: Are you different when you receive love than when you give love?

I believe the two are very different things. When I recieve love, I get very awkward and embarrassed. I even get embarrassed when fans are really nice to me. But as I got older, it gradually changed. If I don’t express my love now, I don’t know if there’s ever going to be another chance to do it. If it’s a love that I started, then I’m the type tha will throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

— IU

Furthermore, IU revealed that giving love is merely more natural and easier than receiving love. For IU, receiving love is more worrisome due to the pressure of having to return the love.

Q: When you are giving love, does a more natural side of Lee Ji Eun (IU’s birth name) come out?

I feel more comfortable. It’s easy to give, you know? All you need to do is say, ‘Accept it, this is my heart’ When you are the one who’s receiving, you get uneasy because you’re worried about how you can repay it. I think I know better now. When someone is giving you love, just the act of receiving it well is a way of giving love too.

— IU

IU also revealed she does not become easily attached to things such as objects or a certain item. In fact, IU claimed that it’s quite difficult for her to do so.

I don’t have much attachment and desire for things. That is why I’m envious of and admire people, like my dad, who has a lot of the things they want. Because the people who have a lot of desires, their blood runs that much quicker for the things they want. Whether it’s an object or a person, because it’s rare for anything to ignite that feeling of attachment in me, whenever that target does come up, I will go towards it with confidence. First off, I welcome the feeling and, without too much hesitation, my mind and body will start to move and take action.

— IU

Because of her views on love, IU revealed that she tried to approach the process of making “LILAC” from a new perspective.

Q: You not knowing how to be on the receiving end of love and you not being able to enjoy things, are those qualities related to each other?

Yes it is. That’s why to change the perspective. I try to really enjoy the process of creating the album. To feel enjoyment from the results after completing the album is already too late and I feel obligated to enjoy the total amount of pleasure in the process of the making. So, that’s why I try to do everything more and more at my will.

— IU

IU’s fifth full album “LILAC” is set to release on March 25 at 6 PM KST! Who else is excited?!

Source: W Korea