IU Tells The Story Of How She Ended Up Following Post Malone Back On Instagram

IU is such a cutie.

On May 12, 1theK Originals YouTube channel posted a video of another episode of Look Me Up featuring singer IU. In this video, IU looks up her name online to see what kind information pops up. On one site, she saw that fans were talking about singer Post Malone following her on Instagram.

The post title read “IU and Post Malone become followers of each other on Instagram.”

IU revealed that she heard that he had followed her on Instagram and later forgot about it.

Her brother, who is studying abroad in the U.S., let her know that Post Malone was one of the most popular singers in the states.

After hearing his name, she remembered that he had followed her Instagram.

She let her brother know that he had followed her first on Instagram.

After hearing this, her brother went crazy, not believing that this actually happened.

After seeing how crazy her brother went, she decided to show off a bit in front of her brother…

…and pressed ‘follow’ right in front of her brother!

Online sites revealed fans saying that Post Malone had succeeded in having IU follow him and that he has been acknowledged by queen IU!

IU later found out that she was younger than Post Malone, making her the nuna!

Watch the full episode below to find out more about what people online think about IU!