IU Reveals Her Latest Alcohol Tolerance — And It’s Quite Expected, Given Her Personality

IU’s alcohol limit is really compatible with her personality.

In one of her latest interviews for her soju advertisement, Korean singer and song-writer IU shared some of her preferences when it comes to drinking soju.

When asked what kind of food she usually eats with soju…

…IU replies that she’s fond of sashimi, a Japanese delicacy which is usually fresh raw fish or meat sliced into thin pieces and is often eaten with soy sauce.

Her answer is expected, actually, since IU has mentioned before that she’s fond of raw fish, so combining it with soju would be wonderful for her.

Another question that IU answered is about which of her songs would suit the mood the most when you’re having a drink. Her answer? “Friday”, of course.

Of course, IU was also asked about her current drinking capacity.

Given that IU has mentioned before that she rarely drinks alcohol so she could take care of her vocal chords more…

…it’s definitely expected that she would answer like this:

Finally, IU also gave a shout-out to the brand she’s endorsing by calling it her “friend” who makes drinking fun.

Even though IU’s alcohol tolerance is fairly low, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy alcohol once in a while.

In one of her Instagram posts, IU even posted a photo of her celebratory dinner with her team and their new agency with the caption:

I like drinking, but just when it’s a good day like today.

– IU

IU’s drinking preferences certainly are compatible with her personality — she likes to take things in moderation.

This may be one of the reasons why she’s such a popular celebrity in the Korean entertainment scene, right?

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