IU Only Has Good Things To Say About SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan’s “Love Poem” Cover

Many are living for this interaction between talented vocalists!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan recently posted a cover of IU‘s “Love Poem” as a gift for CARATs this Christmas.

At the description box of the video, Seungkwan opened up about how this song has helped him in times when he doubted himself. He also shared that he really wanted to cover this song for everyone he cared about.

Two days after posting the cover, IU herself reposted the video of Seungkwan’s cover on her personal Instagram page thanking Seungkwan for the nice cover.

This is a nice cover. Thank you.

Seungkwan commented on IU’s post and thanked IU for watching the cover and mentioned that he will continue to work hard.

Woah, I’m more thankful because you watched this. I will sing harder.

CARATs are living for this interaction and are thankful to IU for posting kind words about their idol. To be recognized and complimented by someone you look up to is indeed a dream come true! CARATs are immensely proud of Seungkwan!

Watch Seungkwan’s cover of “Love Poem” here: