IU Sneaks Out In A Disguise For A Fun Night Adventure

Solo singer IU was recently caught sneaking out wearing a mask for a fun nightout with friend and former costar Kang Hanna.

While she’s currently topping music charts and winning music show awards left and right, IU found some time to fit in a couple slices of pizza and hang out with a good friend.

IU and her former Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo co-star Kang Hanna shared photos from their night adventure, featuring IU wearing an adorable purple hoodie and attempting to hide her identity with a large mask. The girls took public transport and traveled by the town bus to the perfect spot to enjoy pizza under the stars.

Sitting on stone stairs, the celebrity friends opened their pizza box and relished in the silence of the evening. Kang Hanna posted pictures of IU on her Instagram and expressed how exciting it was to finally get to go out with her again after such a long time.

With both IU and Kang Hanna having quite busy schedules right now, fans applauded the two friends for finding the time to just relax and spend some time together.

Even IU herself posted a picture of the fun night on her Instagram, the two friends must have had a great time!

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Source: Nate