The IU Song That Nearly Brings Actor Lee Jong Suk To Tears—Every Time

Whenever he listens to it, he feels like he “wants to cry.”

Everyone has a few go-to songs that touch their hearts so deeply they want to cry. For actor Lee Jong Suk, one of those songs is by none other than the beautiful-voiced IU.


When thinking of the two songs he’s been playing on repeat lately, Lee Jong Suk shared that he valued “good lyrics” that are “lyrical” but also relatable to him.

Lee Jong Suk also liked songs that were perfect for being “sentimental” and revealed that his current favorites were so touching that they nearly brought him to tears. He said, “And makes me feel like I want to cry when listening to them.

Those songs were the Korean rock band Jaurim‘s “Forever And Ever” and IU’s lovely “Winter Sleep”.

IU’s stunning voice and beautiful songs are so touching that both actors and idols are her fans.

Watch Lee Jong Suk get in touch with his emotions by sharing his current favorite songs.