IU Spotted With Short Blonde Hair For The First Time Ever

Solo singer IU just debuted her new blonde hair, making a shocking appearance at the POSCO concert on September 9. 

IU was one of the featured performers for the concert, along with Shin Seol Hee Band and legend Choi Baek Ho

Fans were surprised to see IU’s hair color change, which she personally confirmed was not a wig.

At the concert, IU performed some of her hit songs, including songs from her latest album.

IU hasn’t had blonde hair since her Modern Times album back in 2014, and this time, she’s wearing it short for the first time.

Fans couldn’t stop praising IU’s new look, agreeing that she can really pull off any style.

With only a few weeks until IU’s new remake album, A Flower Bookmark 2, fans are definitely excited to see clear signs of her upcoming promotions.