IU’s Non-Famous Bestie Shares Photos of Their Casual Ride on the Subway

You could very well spot IU on a subway near you.

IU‘s non-famous friend recently shared photos of the two riding the subway and enjoying a casual outing on a rainy day.

The shared photos and videos of IU are captioned, “A comfortable evening in between the hot summer and cool fall.

What’s surprising is that despite IU’s status as a famous celebrity, she comfortably rode the subway with her friend like any average 20-year old girl.


In addition to riding the subway, IU and her friend sat at a bus stop and enjoyed the rain, and had a nice dinner that included seafood.

Fans who discovered these photos and videos responded with comments such as “I can’t believe she was with IU“, “She must have had a date with a friend“, and “She still looks beautiful with a big hat on“.

Source: IU