IU Sympathizes With Lee Seung Gi On Their Lives As Artists

The conversation got deep.

Lee Seung Gi recently appeared on IU’s Palette to sing a few of his songs and even some duets with IU. Following Lee Seung Gi’s preformances of his song “The Dreamer’s Dream,” IU and Lee Seung Gi got into a deep conversation.

IU asked Lee Seung Gi why his song “The Dreamer’s Dream” sounds so sad to her. Lee Seung Gi gave a great answer in terms that IU could relate to.

Because you live to the fullest. Of course everyone does, But IU and I are people who were somewhat rewarded for doing so. We had outcomes and accomplishments. But when accomplishments last so long that becomes a crown. It gives you heavy responsibilities. Oddly, when people see that from far away, they think that crown is very large when the actual weight I carry is much less that you think. I’m a person, I want to fall apart.

– Lee Seung Gi

IU added in comments that she agreed with Lee Seung Gi’s words and that there is burden and pressure that they carry as artists.

Lee Seung Gi went on and discussed the importance of comfort:

Watching the singers walking a single path and enduring for a long time still going on that same position gives me so much comfort.

— Lee Seung Gi

He continued and shared that “it’s important to have people who can give you comfort around you.” IU agreed and shared that she hope Lee Seung Gi’s song will give everyone some sort of comfort as well.

Concluding his message, Lee Seung Gi said a few words for the younger generation:

To every young people who aren’t certain of themselve who think they still didnt achieve anything on their own, I hope this song can be comforting

— Lee Seung Gi

Check out the whole video below:

Source: Nate