IU And T-ara’s Jiyeon Shed Tears Talking About Their Long-Lasting Friendship

The most heartwarming friendship!

In a recent episode of tvN‘s On and Off, IU visited T-ara Jiyeon‘s house, and there was a moment in the episode that brought many to tears. IU and Jiyeon have been friends for over a decade and have stuck with each other during difficult times, and this was highlighted in the episode.

Jiyeon (Left) & IU (Right)

In the episode, IU talked about how when they were younger, she thought of Jiyeon more as a little sister, as she was constantly taking care of her.

However, this changed after one incident.

IU was once having a tough time in her career and decided to deal with it alone.

However, when IU saw Jiyeon, she just burst into tears.

Jiyeon couldn’t contain her tears as IU was telling this story.

Jiyeon then shared that this incident worried her because she had never seen IU burst into tears. In the past, it was always Jiyeon who cried.

IU then talked about how she began to see Jiyeon more like an older sister and realized that she could rely on her.


Jiyeon then hilariously stopped IU from speaking about this incident, as she was beginning to tear up again.

There’s more in the full video below!