IU Taught Her Manager a Lesson for Whining About Wanting More Vacation

IU can be scary.

Following a very long concert tour, IU went to Jejudo for a much-needed vacation.

On February 2, IU shared multiple photos of her vacation with the caption, “What a nice break. Marado has the best spicy seafood noodles.

In the photos, IU can be seen enjoying black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodles in comfortable clothing.

In the other photos, IU is enjoying the relaxing sunlight by the beach.

Her manager, who seemed to have been checking up on her through her social media posts, left a comment that read:

“It’s nice to see you rest. Stay there for 2 more months…”

In response to her manager’s suggestion to take a break for 2 more months, IU commented:

“You really like to rest, don’t you? I know a really good place where you can rest extra well.”

The really good place IU was referring to was back home where her manager is from.

In the past, IU has mentioned that when her manager makes a mistake, she asks him, “Do you want to go back home?


As one fan so aptly put it:

“Jieun is decisive. Without her, he might rest forever, hahaha.”


Maybe that’s one of the reasons why IU was able to become so successful.

Source: Insight


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