IU Kisses Her Fan for an Event That Made Her Cry on Stage

She has never cried on stage until now.

On February 1, IU uploaded a video of her 10th-anniversary concert in Hong Kong on her official YouTube Channel.

Following her main performance, IU graced the audience with an encore stage of “Through the Night” and “Dear Name”.

During “Dear Name”, the Hong Kong fans simultaneously held up posters of their own names in accordance to the song.

Despite IU’s reputation for not crying even to the most touching events, she suddenly started tearing up.

She managed to finish the song with the help of the audience and then came back on stage after getting changed.

IU admitted, “I actually teared up. There must be a genius behind this.

As soon as they found the fan who organized the touching event, she walked up to her seat and showed her appreciation.

She said, “I thought the pansy event you did for me earlier was the best event of my life, but this name event was actually the best event of my life.

She then kissed the fan on her hand and made her cry as well.

Watch the heartwarming event in the clip below starting at 18:20: