IU Reveals How To Make Yourself Look Tall In Photos

Try this tip on your next photo!

IU recently revealed tips on how to make yourself look 180cm tall with your cell phone.

On July 10th, IU shared a making video of the Hotel del Luna teaser on her official YouTube channel.


In the video, IU dozed off as she struggled with her cold but continued to show positive behavior throughout her photoshoot for the drama.


During the break, her staff members began taking photos of her in front of a wall. The cameraman noticed that her staff members have recently been taking photos in a particular pose.

You guys have been taking photos using only that pose…

ㅡ Camerama


IU then explained that if you take photos in that position, the photo will make you look 180cm tall.


One of her staff members kindly explained how to achieve this pose.

Stick one foot out, balance your weight on your belly button and like this.

ㅡ IU’s staff


And by the looks of IU’s recent photos, it seems that this tip really works!


Check out the full video below!

Source: Youtube