IU And TWICE’s Interactions From IU’s Seoul Concert Are Melting Everyone’s Heart

“I’m so thankful TWICE agreed to come.”

ONCEs know that TWICE have been huge fans of IU for a long time now and have only had a few opportunities to really interact with their sunbaenim. So when it was announced that the girl group would be guests at IU’s weekend concert fans were incredibly excited.


The concert was just held and ever since fans can’t stop talking about all the great performances and cute interactions between the group and solo singer.


First, there were the absolutely adorable glimpses of TWICE rocking out to IU’s performances complete with their own official IU lightsticks!


Then there was TWICE’s own performance that came complete with Chaeyoung and Nayeon busting out the moves to their sunbae‘s “Bbi Bbi”!


Not to mention that IU’s backup dancers were caught watching TWICE’s performance while they were on break…


And IU’s own admission that she felt like she was at the girl group’s concert!

“I thought it was TWICE’s concert because everyone was singing along to the ‘neomuhae’ part including my dancers.”

— IU


But perhaps one of the best parts of the night was when they met up on stage at the end of the concert. During this time, IU revealed that she was just a big a fan of the group as they are of her…

“I really like TWICE and their new song. I listened to it as soon as it came out and watched the MV at 6 PM! Please stay healthy!”

— IU


And that she had wanted them to be guests at one of her concerts for a long time!

“TWICE were always so pretty to me. I requested them to guest at my concert a long time ago. I thought for my Seoul concerts I’ll invite my favorite sunbaenims (g.o.d) and hoobaes. I’m so thankful TWICE agreed to come even though they’re so busy they sang live and so well and came here so pretty!”

— IU


But she wasn’t the only one sharing the love. TWICE also had a few words to say about joining the top solo singer at one of her concerts.

“We always wanted to watch IU sunbaenim’s concert but we always so busy and our schedules never matched. So we’rethankfull to be guests here today instead!”

— Jihyo


IU’s biggest fangirl also had a few things to say that melted fans hearts even further!

“This is more nerve-wracking than any award show that I’ve been to before. We really love IU sunbaenim and together we are Tw-aena! Please love her a lot!”

— Nayeon


Everyone who has seen these clips or got to experience them in real life has been thinking these interactions have been the sweetest that they’ve ever seen and can’t stop gushing over all the cute moments they shared together! And why wouldn’t they, it was adorable!