IU Let Her Inner Sexy Show by Exposing a Little More Skin Than Usual at Her Concert in Taiwan

It’s not often that IU shows off her gorgeously thin waist.

In the most recent vlog that IU posted to her official YouTube account, IU could be seen performing at her concert in Taipei, Taiwan wearing outfits that showed off her sexy charms.

What stood out in this upload was the fact that IU confidently exposed the skin around her chest and waist area that she’s normally known for keeping covered.

On that evening, IU wore a black outfit for one of her performances which exposed her thin waist and gorgeously pale skin tone.

What added to her sexy vibe was the fact that her chest area was exposed as well other than the criss-cross string design of her cute black top.

The outfit showed off her waist even more because of the sweatpants she wore with it that drew all attention to the top half of her body.

And that’s not all. During IU’s performance of “Red Queen”, she wore a tight red dress that exposed her chest and leg area.

On top of that, she flaunted heavier makeup including a bright red lipstick and proved to everyone that IU can indeed pull off sexy.

Check out the full vlog below:

Source: Insight