IU “Sunbae” Teaches Yeo Jin Goo “Hoobae” a Lesson When He Complains About Wanting to Go Home

Don’t mess with IU “sunbae”.

tvN’s Hotel Del Luna recently shared a behind-the-scenes clip of IU and Yeo Jin Goo joking around on set.

In the clip, IU asked, “Are you being like that because you want to go home?” to which Yeo Jin Goo nodded and said yes.

IU then looked at the camera in shock and asked, “Did you hear that? He said he wants to go home.

That’s when IU turned into Yeo Jin Goo’s “sunbae” and lectured, “I’m not tired at all. When I’m on set, I’m just really happy.

She continued, “Jot this down. Being on such a great set with such good people is a blessing.

In response, Yeo Jin Goo repeated after his “sunbae” before both IU and Yeo Jin Goo burst into laughter.

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Insight