IU Offered to Sing at Yoo In Na’s Manager’s Wedding Despite Her Busy Schedule

You know IU and Yoo In Na are close when IU sings at Yoo In Na’s manager’s wedding.

In recent days, a video and photos of IU and Yoo In Na at a wedding began circulating in online communities.

According to the shared media, IU and Yoo In Na attended Yoo In Na’s manager’s wedding where IU sang to celebrate their marriage.

Since the manager had been with Yoo In Na since her debut, she offered to host the wedding while IU, who has also grown to know the manager well as a close friend of Yoo In Na, offered to sing for them.

After explaining that the bride and groom didn’t actually ask her to sing for them, she described them as one of her favorite couples and proceeded to sing her own song, “Meaning Of You“.

Regarding IU’s sincere song for Yoo In Na’s manager’s wedding, fans are responding with comments such as “IU is so loyal“, “That’s the best wedding gift ever“, and “This makes me tear up“.

Watch the full footage below:

Source: Insight