IU Shares Her Love For OH MY GIRL’s YooA In Her Latest Instagram Story

It’s fair to say we’d love to see them perform together.

Solo singer IU shared her love for OH MY GIRL‘s YooA‘s cover of her latest song “eight (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)” in a post on her Instagram story.

The video, which features YooA goofing around on a rooftop, was shot and posted by fellow OH MY GIRL member Mimi, who runs her own YouTube channel under the name MimPD

Fans were very excited to see that IU featured the OH MY GIRL member in her story, with many sharing that they’d love to see them collaborate in a song or on stage in the future.

It comes as no surprise that YooA performed a cover of IU’s song. In early May, members of the group mentioned on a radio show how much they look up to and appreciate IU both as a music professional and as an unnie.

IU sunbaenim always looks out for us whenever we cross paths, and we all really appreciate it.


Members also asked listeners to support IU’s collaboration with SUGA, which was set to release the following day.

In addition to the members as a group sharing their appreciation for IU,  YooA appeared in a V Live last month singing a short snippet from IU’s single. Little did fans know that it would turn into a near-complete cover of the hit song.

As a final showing of appreciation to YooA, IU added a simple word as a comment on the performance in her story’s last slide—”pretty.” It echoed Mimi’s sentiments, and let everyone know that IU was genuinely flattered by YooA’s decision to cover her song.

IU’s Instagram story @dlwlrma

All of the members of OH MY GIRL greatly look up to IU, and judging by YooA’s cover, she just might be IU’s biggest fan, and fans of both hope to see a collaboration soon.

Source: Star News