IU’s Debut Pics Show How Much Her Aura Has Changed Over The Years

IU hasn’t aged much since her debut in 2008, but netizens have noticed this major difference.

IU is a legend in the Korean entertainment world, having debuted at the age of 15 to become one of the biggest singer-songwriters of her generation, and now an accomplished actress.


Now 26, she’s enjoyed more than 10 years’ success as one of Korea’s most popular solo artists, with numerous #1s on the music charts, four studio albums and nine extended plays. Her rising popularity and status as Korea’s “little sister” began in 2010 with the single “Good Day” from her second studio album, Real. 


Over the years, she has gained recognition for not only her beauty but for possessing a strong aura that is unique to IU.


And her cute personality when she isn’t singing is also legendary.


Newly resurfaced pictures taken by reporters of IU during her debut days have proven that this “aura” IU excudes developed with age.


Although she hasn’t aged much physically, she seems to have become more confident in herself since her debut.


Her nose bridge also looks slightly different, having developed naturally as she grew out of her teenage transition period.


She comes across as very young in her debut pictures, but pretty and bright – similar to her current personality.


And of course, the makeup and hairstyles have changed since 2008.


She was cute and feminine, certainly living up to her “little sister” nickname that came about later.


Even the way she walked was super adorable!


Netizens all seem to agree how much prettier she has become over time, despite the fact she looks almost identical to her teenage self!

  • “IU has an aura that she didn’t have in those days? She’s become way prettier. And her nose bridge got higher. It’s not from surgery though. She definitely got an aura now because of how pretty she is.”
  • “Those are actually her Mia days pictures, her stage outfits and makeup make her look more countrified than she actually was.”
  • “That makeup is f*cking hopelessㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They made her look so puffed up.”
  • “IU looks f*cking the same nowㅋㅋ”
  • “I was shocked when I saw the pictures because she looks f*cking the sameㅋㅋ So cute.”
  • “She looks more like a kid now and more mature back then.”
  • “That hairstyle is so nostalgicㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”


Despite the aura change, no one is debating how cute and pretty IU was – or still is!

Source: The Qoo