IU’s Hairstylist Reveals The Secrets To Her Signature “Hotel Del Luna” Hairstyles

If you want to look like Man Wol, here’s how.

IU has been blowing everyone away in Hotel Del Luna with both her talent and visuals as Man Wol.


And, everyone wanted to know the secret to her signature half-up, half-down hairstyle. So, her stylist Seo Yoon revealed all the secrets.

Instead of pulling IU’s hair back low to secure it, she pulls the hair higher than eye level, which gives the side hair more volume.

It also serves to lift the face and make it look smaller, which makes IU look even more flawless.

As for the IU’s signature baby hairs, Seo Yoon recommends taking a brush to smooth the roots in the direction you want them.

Then, curling them with heat will give the perfect look. Since these hairs naturally won’t stay in place, it’s best to fix them in place with hair spray.

Seo Yoon even shared a bit about how to form IU’s waves, but the technique was something that has to remain secret. Listen to more of Seo Yoon’s styling secrets for IU here.