IU’s Manager Had To Say This To Make Her Go To A Fan Sign Event

IU’s manager shared an adorable Kakaotalk conversation with IU which showed her unconditional love and loyalty to her fans.

Sometimes there are days where people just want to relax and stay home, and celebrities are definitely no stranger to these feelings.

IU’s manager recently uploaded a screenshot of a short yet humorous conversation he had with IU over Kakaotalk, where he reminded her of her early morning schedule.

He first informed IU that he would be picking her up at 11 AM the next day, to which IU grudgingly yet adorably asked “Why” to each of his responses.

Soon, the manager finally came up with the best reason to fully convince her to attend to her busy schedule, and it was none other than her promise to her fans.

Manager: Picking you up at 11 tomorrow.
IU: Why
Manager: Get ready by 11:30
IU: Why
Manager: Fan signing schedule
IU: Why!!!
Manager: You promised your fans
IU: Acknowledged

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