People Are Calling IU’s Look At Her Recent Performance Legendary, Here’s Why

IU looked so angelic at her recent performance that she stunned her fans with her visuals.

IU recently performed at the Yonsei University “Akaraka” Festival, where she gave a mini concert performing some of her hit songs including her latest release “Palette”. She was dressed relatively simply, in a pretty white dress but it seems that her fans and Korean netizens can’t get over how amazing she looked that day.

One of her fans actually noticed that, whenever she got a close up while she was performing, the crowd would go crazy and start cheering loudly. It even got to the point where IU herself was so curious about what exactly was making the crowd scream so much that she kept turning back to look at the screen in order to find out.

Her adorable reaction to the crowd’s cheers is currently trending online with many people agreeing that her looks were definitely legendary that day. Check out more gifs of her cute reaction below!