IVE’s Wonyoung Acknowledges How Her Voice Changed From IZ*ONE To IVE—Here’s Who Helped Her Slay Her Current Style

There’s a difference between her voice then and now.

IVE sat down for an MMTG interview with MC JaeJae when they promoted their first comeback. Each member was given the spotlight at certain points of the show.

For Wonyoung, the topic of her voice was focused on. She had a notably high pitched voice that was nowhere to be found when she re-debuted in IVE in late 2021.

The “Love Dive” singer acknowledged the difference in her voice from then until now. When JaeJae commented, “You used to make a nasal sound but you don’t anymore,” she agreed.

She explained that it was natural for her to sound different since she debuted at such a young age. Wonyoung first rose to fame when she joined the survival contest Produce 48 at just 13 years old. She came out on top and debuted as the center of IZ*ONE only a year later.

I made my debut when I was little so I had a bit of my baby voice.

— Wonyoung

She made a conscious effort to improve her vocals prior to re-debuting as a member of IVE. Wonyoung made her current style her own with the help of her vocal trainer.

For the ‘ELEVEN’ performance, I tried hard to change by discussing it with our vocal trainer while recording the song. And the fans loved it so I was very glad.

— Wonyoung

It was thanks to her Starship Entertainment teacher that she had the confidence to be true to her real voice.

MC: What did you discuss with the vocal trainer to change your vocal style?

Wonyoung: [The trainer told me that] I have an attractive voice that only I can make and that there are things that only I can do, so I did it. There are teachers that teach according to their style, but our teacher taught us according to us.

Check out the full video below to learn more about IVE!

Source: YouTube