Netizens Are Loving IVE Jang Wonyoung’s Reactions To Fans Who Forgot The Guidelines To Answering A Specific Question

We all have a little spot for Wonyoung in our hearts!

Recently, fans couldn’t help but smile at IVE Jang Wonyoung’s reactions to fans who didn’t answer her question according to the cute “guidelines” she posted on Bubble. She let fans know that they had to say a certain phrase before choosing their favorite performance!

Jang Wonyoung’s message screenshot | Bubble

I’m curious about unni’s favorite performance for the first week! Which one was your favorite? But first, wait unni, you have to say ‘I liked all of Wonyoung’s performances’ first before choosing one, unni!

Although fans read her message, many forgot to use the phrase before answering during the on and offline fan sign events! Let’s take a look at the difference in Wonyoung’s reactions below!

Wonyoung: Which one was your favorite?

Fan: Yesterday’s pink outfit!

Wonyoung: Ah wait a minute…do you not do Bubble?

Fan: Of course I liked them all!

Wonyoung: I was about to be really sad! Let me ask you again! What is your favorite Wonyoung performance?

Fan: I loved all of your performances!

Wonyoung: Right! But…?

Fan: But I liked your pink outfit the most!

Wonyoung: Ah, but you liked yesterday’s!

Wonyoung: What is your favorite performance out all the ones we did so far?

Fan: Out of the ‘Baddie’ performances?

Wonyoung: Yes! M Countdown, Inkigayo, Music Core, Music Bank.

Fan: (Couldn’t choose just one so just chose the first week Music Core.)

Wonyoung: But for me I really liked all the performances.

Fan (suddenly realized something was wrong) Ah…I said it wrong..I should have said I liked all the performances.

Wonyoung: Did you see my Bubble by chance? I told you to say you like all the performances first before choosing one! Just kidding.”

Wonyoung: Did you prepare well?

Fan: First I liked all the performances

Wonyoung: Unni what is your favorite?

Fan: I liked them all and my answer is…today is just today! Today you are the prettiest!

Wonyoung: Omg~ that’s such a great answer! I give you a 100% for this! You’re so cute! 100 points!

One fan summed up the use of Wonyoung’s Bubble as being a place where the princess gives the commands for what the fans should do.


Wonyoung’s Bubble is like a princess’s temple. Her role is to give you the rules of what to do today. Usually she tells us to do as she commands.

Netizens that saw this could not get over how adorable her reactions were, agreeing that she was born to be an idol!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Wonyoung is an angel.”
  • “She’s both a genius and an angel.”
  • “Wow…she was born to be an idol..this is so interesting and surprising I can’t stop smiling.”
  • “Wow so cute…I can see why people like her.”
  • “How can there be someone this cute!”
Source: theqoo