“She’s Even Prettier”—IVE’s Leeseo Changes One Thing About Herself At The Airport, Netizens Want It To Stay

She’s stunning either way!

IVE‘s Leeseo is gaining attention for her stunning visuals!

The maknae of the group caused a stir at Incheon Airport on November 12 prior to their flight to Taiwan.

IVE’s Leeseo  


Netizens noticed something different about her styling this day. Instead of wearing her hair in the usual iron-straight way…

…she had them in luxurious waves!

Needless to say, they were hooked. They commented, “This hair suits her,” “She looks even prettier with voluminous, wavy hair,” and, “She’s getting prettier each time.”


They noted that Leeseo also prefers this look on herself and that “anyone can tell” she matches it perfectly: “She also said herself that she wanted wavy hair but why do they always give her flat straight hair? Anyone can tell that she looks good with wavy hair.”

Do you prefer Leeseo with straight hair…

…or wavy hair?

Source: Pann


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