IVE’s Leeseo Has A New MBTI But She Doesn’t Quite Like It

Her real MBTI is: CUTE.

On February 21, IVE‘s Leeseo celebrated her birthday with a YouTube live stream titled “🐯HAPPY IVE LEESEO DAY 🐯.”

Just turning 17, the young singer made a cake for the first time and adorably put the layers of the cake together and decorated it.

While she made the cake, she also shared some TMIs. First, she said that earlier that day, she visited the makeup store Olive Young with her mom and also got new contact lenses because her eyesight worsened. She said, “No wonder I couldn’t see while dancing, but now I can see clearly.”

Leeseo also shared that she will be leaving for Japan tomorrow for IVE’s fan concert, and when asked what she will do in Japan, she shared that she will eat pudding and go to convenience stores.

Also, when a fan commented they wanted to be an idol, she encouraged them to audition for Starship Entertainment. 

She then revealed that her MBTI had changed. Initially, she was an ENFP, but people told her that she doesn’t seem like an ENFP. Therefore, she retook the test—but this time, the staff members took it for her based on how they view her, and she got ESTP. She pointed out that ESTP is only one letter away from fellow member An Yujin’s MBTI, which is ISTP.

After reading the description for ESTP, she said that she didn’t quite like it even though everyone else said it suited her. She decided to retake it by herself this time and let her fans know if it changes again.

She then blew out the candles on her self-made cake and ended the live stream stating that she must attend a dance lesson. When fans were sad she was ending the live stream, she said, “I’m doing something DIVEs would like, so don’t be sad“—hinting that she is rehearsing for comeback or something else DIVEs would look forward to.

Source: YouTube


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