IVE’s Liz Handles A Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage Like A True Professional

She’s a true professional!

IVE‘s Liz recently received praise for how she handled a minor wardrobe malfunction during a performance.

IVE’s Liz | @IVE_twt/Twitter

On January 19, KST, IVE were one of the many groups that attended the 2022 Seoul Music Awards and one of the numerous acts that performed during the awards show.

During the group’s performance, they were all dressed in an elegant royal blue, white, and black color scheme. Anyone who watched the group’s stage may not have noticed Liz expertly handling a wardrobe issue affecting her performance!

IVE used hands-free mic headsets for this stage, and normally, when using these, idols will avoid wearing long earrings in the right ear to prevent the sound of the earring hitting something from being picked up.

Liz wearing a headset mic during a different performance.

During this stage, however, Liz’s earring got in the way resulting in a clicking sound being heard during the group’s introduction.

Liz found a chance to fix the problem during the chorus of “Love Dive.” In a fan-taken video, she can be seen reaching to remove the earing all the while hitting all the choreography and not falling out of step.

Once she got it out of her ear, Liz waited for the perfect chance to toss the earring to the side and did it successfully!

Liz handled the malfunction so successfully that many fans didn’t know what happened until she explained in a series of Dear. U Bubble messages.

Oh, by the way.
The thing is…
We have to remove our earrings for our mics. Because the earrings can hit the mics and cause noises.
So I was supposed to take out my right earring.
But then I [got confused and] took out my left earring by accident!
So you can hear [the right earring] clack against the mic!
I took it out mid-Love Dive and tossed it.
So that’s why in the intro, there’s a bit of…
A clickity sound, haha.

— Liz

Fans praised her for her professional behavior!


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