“You Are Not A Match”: How IVE Members Handle Rejection On A Reality “Dating Show”

They each had different reactions, showing their unique personalities.

In a new video on IVE‘s YouTube channel, the six IVE members did activities in the format of a reality dating show like EXchange or Single’s Inferno.

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On Korean dating shows, the participants usually have to pick the person they’re most interested in after first impressions, whether it’s by writing a note or sending a text.

“EXchange” Season 2 | TVING 

The IVE members followed this format and sent texts to the person that made their hearts flutter the most based on first impressions. Like reality dating shows, they found out if the person they chose, also called X, chose them back—if they chose each other, it’s a match. It turned out that most of the members did not match with their Xs, and how they each handled the “rejection” showed their different personalities.

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When Gaeul discovered that the person she chose didn’t choose them back, she said she already saw it coming.

My heart hurts. Honestly, I already knew this would happen. I had a feeling that my X wanted to meet someone new, so I knew she wouldn’t choose me, but because it’s the first time, I tried sending a text.

— Gaeul

Her understanding turned into adorable anger as she crossed her arms and said she would not choose this person next time.

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Next, Leeseo checked her phone to see that her X didn’t choose her back either. She had an immediate response of disappointment followed by many questions.

What? How could they? So what do I do now? Am I just single now then? Is this the end for me?

— Leeseo


It was Jang Wonyoung‘s turn to face rejection next. Upon seeing the text that her X didn’t choose her back, she gasped and then flipped her phone around. She was in disbelief that this happened to her because she said this usually never happens.

I don’t want to believe it. This has never happened to me. In society, I was such a popular girl, so how could this happen to me in this little world?

— Jang Wonyoung

She then texted back, saying, “Hmph, I don’t like you either,” before revealing her true feelings of being sad.


Liz‘s turn was next, and she picked up her phone with a smile. Upon seeing the text that her X didn’t choose her back, she covered her mouth and spoke in a low voice that oozed confidence and determination.

So I guess my X didn’t choose me. This is violent. Of course, I’m not disappointed, and I’m not going to give up until the end. I’m going straight to the one place I’m looking at.

— Liz


The last two members, Rei and An Yujin, were a match—they chose one another! Rei responded to her match with confusion as she received two votes and stated that her mind is complicated now, but her heart is leaning more towards her X.


An Yujin, on the other hand, was giddy upon seeing her match. She couldn’t stop cheesing and said she felt strange.


The IVE members then played games and activities before choosing their final matches. There was even a Joker among the members who was lying throughout the game.

Find out who the Joker was and who the final matches were in the full video.


Source: IVE/YouTube

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